Updated Pending Projects

The Board of Directors is still working on some projects and has others budgeted for next year.  Some of those are:

Asphalt & Sidewalks:  After a very long time, the Board is happy to say that this project is 99% completed.  There will be a final walk thru with Atlantic Southern next week to address anything that has not been done or needs to be corrected.  The filters will be removed from the drains as well.

Landscape Beautification: We will be addressing this project in 2020.  Our Engineer is in the process of doing a Code Compliance study to see what we are allowed to do and what is necessary for the City of Plantation.  Once that is completed, we will be working with the engineer and arborist to develop a plan for what tress will stay, which we can remove, and what will actually grow in our community.  

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