Quick Rules and Regulations

The Board asks that you please be respectful of your neighbors and follow the Associations rules and regulations.  Some of these are:

  • Trash:  Please ONLY place trash on the island on Tuesday or Friday and make sure the trash bags are tied.  Open bags, and bags placed outside the night before bring rodents and stray animals looking for food.  We want to avoid bags being torn open and food and debris strewn all over the street.
  • Dogs:  Please always walk your dog on a leash, for their safety and the safety of other animals.  Dogs are not allowed to roam and play on our grassy areas.  Please also always remember to pick up after your dog.  Thank you.
  • Parking:  Please make sure to park in your own space.  Using the guest spots and leaving your space open is not fair to others.  We have limited spots available.  Work trucks with equipment (ladders, machinery etc) and/or signs are not allowed on the property overnight.  Our security company comes thru the development randomly 3 times each week and they will sticker your car.  They do have the authority to tow and they do keep records of the number of violations per car.
  • Changes and Updates to your unit:  If you are thinking of putting tile or any other material in your front porch area, changing out your windows, front door or rear patio screens, or installing something outside of your rear patio, you MUST complete the ARC form and submit it to the Board complete with photos and the specs of the job with the work order from the contractor and his license and insurance.  Please remember that the Association can make you remove anything that is done without approval, at your expense.

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